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作品时间:05-30-2006, 05:03 PM                              
作品名称:Farewell Kiss
作者: Michael Dashow
作品简介:Hi, all! This is my finally-completed entry for the just-ended CG Challenge, the theme for which was 'The Journey Begins.' (But everyone knows that already, right? It's kind of hard to miss...)
If you're interested in process and close-up shots, you can see at least a few pages of the steps involved in the CG Challenge thread here:
But the short version is line art in pencil, a little 3D work to work out some of the shadow placement, and painting all in Photoshop. 10 weeks of sporadic work overall.
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作品时间:05-18-2006, 03:19 PM                                
作品名称:The Collector
作者: Bob MacNeil
作品简介:A working man, who has the job of finding lost souls for his employer. He mostly works at night due to the fact his appearance sometimes bothers people. His favorite place to search for those in need, is in cemetaries, however he has been seen at such places as reality shows and various religious events. This image was created entirely in Photoshop and can be seen in Expose 1.
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作品时间:05-14-2006, 05:24 PM                                 
作者: Benita Winckler
使用软件:Painter, Photoshop
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作品时间:05-14-2006, 10:22 AM                                 
作品名称: -Medieval Scene-
作者:Mathias Verhasselt
作品简介:Hello all
Here's a new picture, kinda cliché medieval/fantasy scene, but oh well, I had great fun doing it. No refs or 3D help this time.
Hope you like!

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作品时间:05-13-2006, 06:52 AM                                 
作者:Jonathan Ryder
使用软件:Maya, Photoshop
作品简介:Hello everyone,
These are images from the short Encompass which I worked on. The environments were matte paintings which were done by using digital painting, photos and geometry. The city was done using maya which I modeled and textured for the shot. Each painting was painted at 2k wide. Thanks everyone for taking a look!
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作品时间:05-06-2006, 03:01 AM                                 
作品名称:Environment - Scifi scene
作者:Mathias Verhasselt
使用软件:3ds max, Photoshop
作品简介:HThis is a rework of a speed paint I did a bit earlier. You can see the original speed paint in my cgportfolio. Took about 5 hours total, I used a simple wireframe as perspective guide.
Hope you like.
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作品时间:04-21-2006, 03:56 AM                                 
作者:Bobby Chiu
作品简介:Thanks for checking in everybody!

Here's another creature from my new book "Creature Sketches." It's the rarest kangaroo in the world and lives in deep dark caves all it's life. Barely ever seen by man, I was lucky enough to see one on a recent trip and did a painting of her and her baby standing outside her cave.
Meet the Kanga-mole-bunny.
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作品时间:04-02-2006, 03:19 PM                                   
作者:Melanie Delon
作品简介:Hi there, this is my latest painting, her name is Myrhaelle and she lives alone on an island, she is the last descendant of the lords of this earth. She spends her days in the ruins of the ancient city, and often when the wind rises and blow through the walls of the old city she plays the luth in memorie of the past... and who knows maybe one day someone will hear her song...
use no "photo ref" for the girl, as usual i'm the model.
Well hope you’ll like it, c&c are welcome , thanks .
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作品时间:03-30-2006, 11:34 AM                                    
作品名称:The Wax - Dragon
作者:Natascha Roeoesli
作品简介:In ancient times, Wax - Dragons have been known to humans as sources of great wisdom.
Some of their body parts consist of wax elements and are very weak to physical attack. Thus those parts are covered with a transparent shell (specially the chest area - horns and parts of the head) which is supposed to gain them at least a minor protection against predators and heat.
Due to their great weakness and the fact that they are not meant to fight but rather serve as sources of inspiration and advisors, they have been driven very close to extinction.
It takes a long time until a Dragon of this kind makes friendship with a human being. A symbiosis which is however essential for their survival.
They are creatures of snakelike, delicate appearance and feed only on plants. Their character is very tender and protectful which in terms makes them even more vulnurable and weak.
Once a Wax - Dragon has found a human companion it stays loyal until it's death.
This was actually meant to be finished for Exposé but due to work I didn't have time to finish it earlier.
It's Photoshop CS2 from scratch till the end and started as a speed point of the girl. It was then when I realized that I have to expand my mind and start painting other creatures. The story of that particular dragon started to form when I started to think about how to paint and invent my own dragon.
I see this as a start to more creature and nonhuman elements sipping into my work
As always, I hope you enjoy
Matt: Thanks a lot in the cc and feedback for the Dragon!
As promised, some close-ups at 100% and 50% mixed:
Sidenote: I have over 30 Steps of this saved..my comp is about to crash I think >_<
I forgot to add - I didn't use any reference or material to stud for this but two really bad out of focus and yellowish fotos of my hands. They do however look nowhere near delicate and slender as hers and I don't have long nails either. I am most probably going to post them along as soon as this is accepted into the forum
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作品时间:03-29-2006, 09:12 PM                                    
作者:Marcin Jakubowski
作品简介:Disgusting and unkind sorcerer with rotten breath wants to possess alluring, but pugnacious princess. In that way he wants to reach the heritage of an old house. Therefore he arranges a snatch to weaken her in the silence of his castle. But he doesn't expect such furious resistance and is slowly realizing that situation is getting out of control.
Only photoshop used, no textures.
I've painted this for cg contest 'Beauty and Beast' at
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