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作品时间:11-22-2005, 07:12 PM                                                                    
作者:   Linda Bergkvist
使用软件:Painter, Photoshop   
作品简介:Hi again everyone :]

It's been rough, getting inspiration back after the crash. I've done preciously few paintings since then and hardly any that have been finished pieces I've been genuinely happy with. Ironically, the new computer is AWESOME to paint on, so the lack of inspiration has been gruelling.
Aaanyway, a few weekends ago I sat down and started on the portrait of a character I've wanted to re-design for a long while. Some of you know I've got a 'world' going on, that's filled with all sorts of people. This is one of the ones that have been around the longest. When I first painted him (yes, in spite of appearance – it's a he) it was in water colour, when I was seventeen years old. The idea I had of him was to have his skin softly green and his hair black, but I couldn't quite pull it off. Thus, when I repainted him digitally many years later, his hair was green and his skin white.
The next version, skin was grey and hair black. Then, here, I decided to try my original idea again. I used dim reds to accentuate the faint greenish tones of his skin. I feel the colour scheme came out by far more discreet than I had imagined it at seventeen, but I'm finally happy with how I've depictured him.
As for the painting, it's part painted in Painter, part in Photoshop. The background textures are all Painter, while there is a faint, faint stone texture super-imposed over the fabric to give it some more substance. The hair is part Painter's palette knives, and part simple brushes in Photoshop.
That's about it :]
Here are some close-ups:
The image as such has been brightened from my original – as it seemed to show too dark on most computers. I think the close-ups haven't been brightened: sorry about that.

(oh, and I have to admit: I am very happy with the feet. I'm overjoyed! I usually hate all the feet I paint.)
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作品时间:11-18-2005, 09:52 AM                                                                     
作品名称:Decadent Progression (coursework)
作者:   Godwin Koay
作品简介:Hi, this is my first post at CGTalk, so I guess it's only right to include a little introduction. I'm 18 and a student in Singapore, currently in the midst of my A-level exams, after which I'll be off to the army to "serve the country". Anyways, what's shown below (or above?) is my A-level art coursework which was completed about two months ago.

Since I had already posted this at the Sijun forums (which I've been frequenting for the past 3 years) before, here's the original post with its contents slightly edited:
Decadent Progression
Click to enlarge

In his endless pursuit of progress, man has built around him a Machine. It is a construction of utmost magnificence, but though man is its operator, subsistence, and champion, he relishes in the success of his own creation and becomes a slave to it, bound in perpetuity to its artificial nature of necessity. This is not some fantasy vision of a future world, it is right here and now, all around us – the Machine is an archetype of the world that chases after money mindlessly. Just what is this economic betterment we all strive for? Bigger homes, brighter children, healthier lives – everything in the definition of a modern society is tied down to the concept of money, so much so that it is ingrained within us all that such a “reality” is the true purpose of life. From the point we are "mouldable", lives are planned, expected and demanded as mere assets and investments towards the greater advancement of humanity. We become blindly driven by those around us and even ourselves to succeed within the framework of this Machine, expending all strength, emotion and commitment to ensure its eventual continuation.

Done in Photoshop 7 & CS2, original size is [email=90x127cm@300]90x127cm@300[/email] dpi (identical for both), but they're presented as A1-sized (more or less) prints, framed and hung. I have had several people tell me that the two pieces shouldn't be placed side by side without a gap, and indeed, the prints are hung a few inches apart (I don't think web formatting can handle that, thus the presentation above).
It took about 3 months' on-off work, not inclusive of the other prepratory studies and (seemingly unnecessary) stuff that was done throughout the course of this year.

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作品时间:11-16-2005, 03:12 PM                                                                     
作者:   Bobby Chiu - Imaginism Studios
作品简介:This painting is in my new book "Cats & Dogs Sketches."
$19.99 - free shipping World Wide
Meet the hottest dog in rock n roll! No one's seen such a buzz from a Rockstar since Elvis or the Beatles!!
I had a great time doing this fun filled painting. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Software: Painter
c&c is welcome
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作品时间:11-14-2005, 11:49 PM                                                                       
作者:   Pablo Fernandez
作品简介:Hello, this is an image made as a personal work. It was my take at the topic two characters dueling in the city. It was for a contest. I started with some rough pen thumbnails and switched to digital. It was interesting to look for different ways of presenting the picture and make a more inmersive perspective.
Hope you enjoy it.
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作品时间:11-05-2005, 12:18 AM                                                                        
作品名称:Astro Cityzen
作者:   Leong Wan Kok
作品简介:hi all, this is my new cover art for the comic i just finished. This is a bout a kid that acquires a special glases that enable him to c the monsters that live in the same space among us.... As usual, i use photoshop for tis piece. Any comment is most welcome.

BTW,Malaysia's comic convention is soon reaching, from 24 - 27 of November. Hope to meet some of you malaysian-cgtalk members there? I would love to meet u guys there on that day, mayb we can have a chit chak after the autograph?Anyone up for this gathering? Jerome, see u there?
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作品时间:11-04-2005, 04:30 PM                                                                        
作品名称:Well Oiled
作者:   Matt Dixon
作品简介:Just for fun. Presented with respectful deference to Brian Despain, Jon Foster, Ashley Wood and other doers of bots about town.
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作品时间:11-04-2005, 01:05 AM                                                                          
作品名称:Play Time
作者:   Paulo Cesar Toledo Vega
作品简介:This is a Naiad, a water nymph that lives in fountains or lakes. Sometimes they married with a mortal to get a soul.
This is my first work made completely in photoshop.
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作品时间:10-20-2005, 08:13 AM                                                                           
作品名称:Clair De Lune
作者:   Graven Tung
作品简介:Hi everyone,

Went through some old sketches and picked this one out to finish over the last weekend. An attempt to mix tension and romance in one shot. I hope you like it.
All comments are welcome!
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作品时间:10-13-2005, 04:21 PM                                                                           
作品名称:Advice From A Caterpillar
作者:   Chris Beatrice
作品简介:This is an often illustrated scene from the classic, Alice in Wonderland. Alice is almost exactly the same height as the mushroom, and after searching under it she finally decides to stand on her tip toes and look on top of it, where she spots the sedate caterpillar smoking his hookah.
In my pictures I like to include secondary objects and patterns that echo the main focal objects. Here you can see that in how the variety of two-tone leaves, the carpet, and the sun dappling mimic the caterpillar's strips. Similarly the daffodils (yellow flowers) with their distinct petal forms mimic the hookah's bowl and tray. One of these flowers in fact appears directly behind it's counterpart (the bowl at the top of the hookah).
The picture was done in Painter IX with a single custom (bristle) brush.
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