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(3dsmax)'Creating low-poly foliage'--制作低多边形的叶子

'Creating low-poly foliage'--制作低多边形的叶子
'Creating low-poly foliage'
by Osman Tsjardiwal

1:We are going to create this orchid thingy. So take a good look at it, because we need to store its form and colors into our brain.  

Now start a new photoshop image and add a green background. You should always choose the dominant colour as your background colour. In this case the leaves will be green, so choose green as background. I heard this was so that mip-mapping wouldn't destroy the look of the model.

Now you should and paint the leaf shape, I've just selected a square to demonstrate how I paint a leaf texture (this is only my second time, so if you know of a better way, please email me, I always like to learn new stuff). Now paint some dark spots and light spots to make it a bit interesting.You can use the dodge&burn tool for that.


2: Now, I noticed that those leaves had very bright edges, so I tried to paint something like that.

3: Now create a new layer and choose black as your color. Paint some detail on your texture, and change the brush size now and then to make different elements. Duplicate your layer and hit CTRL-i to make it negative so that the black becomes white. Now move this white layer beneath your black one and move it 1 pixel to the right and 1 pixel to the bottom. Join these 2 layers together and then set the blend mode to overlay and play with the opacity until you get something that looks reasonable.

(现在创建一个新的层,选择黑色作为当前的颜色。在你的纹理上绘制一些细节,然后改变笔刷的大小并制作一些不一致的元素。复制这一层,按CTRL+I 使图层反相,黑色将变成白色。移动白色的这层到黑色层的下面,并向右,向下各移动一个像素。合并这两层,然后设置混合模式为叠加,调整层的不透明度直到你得到一个不错的结果。)

4: Now, go to something like mayang.com and get some grunge textures. Add this as an overlay and again, play with the settings so that it doesn't look like crap. Here's what I got so far (the left side kinda messed up, don't ask me why ).
(现在你可以访问诸如mayang.com 之类的网站来获取一些叶子的纹理。将获取的纹理再次叠加上去,调整设置这样它看起来不至于如此失真。这就是我至今所做的。)

5: After playing around, I ended up with this, I don't think it looks to bad but it will do for this tutorial . Again, if you have any tutorials about this kind of stuff, please send it to me, I'd really like to learn new ways of doing things.


6: And here's how my texture looks after some time:


I worked on layers so that I could always select the shape of my leave, and by doing that, I created the alpha. Just select the shape of it and color it all white.Now select inverse and color that totally black. That is your alpha map .


3DS MAX part:



1:Create a plane and give it 1 length segments and 1 width segments. Hit "m", this will open up the material editor. Click on the first ball and scroll down to maps. Click on the NONE button for the diffuse map and select bitmap.Now navigate to your texture file and select it. Do the same for the opacity map and select your alpha map now. \sk,3b-&'  
Also right click on your model and select properties.In there click on the backface cull box.


2:Go to Modifiers-->Uv Coordinates-->Unwrap UVW.Now make your plane cover your texture correctly. Make sure there is no stretching. Also scale the model, if you cant fix the stretching in the uv map.
(在修改器面板,给平面添加Unwrap UVW修改器。现在要使平面跟贴图正确的匹配,是之没有拉伸。当然也可以缩放模型,如果你能匹配UV贴图的拉伸的话。)

3:Right click on your model and select Convert To:->Editable Poly. Now go to edge mode and select the 2 tallest edges and hit the small box next to connect. In the dialog that comes up set it to 4 segments and press OK.

4:Now go to vertex mode and move the vertices around until you get the desired shape. If it doesn't work out, just look at my model. After that go to the Hierarchy tab(on your right, the button with 4 boxes on it).Once there, select "Affect Pivot Only" and then move the pivot around the bottom of your leave like I did:
(进入点层级,移动顶点位置,直到你得到一个较好的形态。如果它不是很理想的话,可以参考我的模型。然后进入层次面板(在右侧的命令面板上,有4个小方块的图标)进入之后,选择 "Affect Pivot Only" (仅影响轴心点),然后移动轴心点到叶子的底部,如图)
This is so that rotating goes easier.

5:Now hold SHIFT and rotate it couple of times so that you get something like this:

6:Now select one the leaves and make it hang a little more, then rotate it 45 degrees.Hold shift again and rotate it like you did with the first one.

7: Keep repeating step 5 and 6 until you get it look like your reference. Here is my result:
This was my second foliage model so if you send me hate mail, please be nice in it.

Please send me an email at
onepunchmachine@gmail.com ?

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