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CGTalk 2D星级作品整理(2005年)

作品时间:12-29-2005, 08:20 PM                                                            
作品名称:Environment: Deadwood
作者:   Daniel Kvasznicza
使用软件:Painter, Photoshop   
作品简介:Hi there!

This's my latest fantasy environment painting.
An alien landscape with huge dead tree trunks ...

I started the sketch in Painter and finalized it in Photoshop CS2. The original resolution is at 4k.
I mostly used my custom brushsets, which you can find on my website in the download section ...

Critiques and comments are very welcome!
Best Regards,
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作品时间:12-21-2005, 04:25 PM                                                            
作品名称:The Beautiful Legend Of Sicily
作者:   Yang Ge
作品简介:I like Italian classical painters, especially for those in the earlier Renaissance like Francesca, Masaccio etc. Thus, I am trying to use digital tools to draw my dream.
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作品时间:12-16-2005, 10:16 AM                                                            
作品名称: Hard Boiled To The Max
作者:   Hoang Nguyen
作品简介:I was going through my comic collections and came across some really old comics. It brought back allot of happy memories, of childhood. There just something magical about holding it in your hand. The cheap newsprint and that musty smell.

I thought it would be neat to create a mock-up comic. I always love those old pulp magazines; and wanted to create something old and something new. Sort of my take on it. I didn't follow any guideline, just took some liberty.

Anyway, I started this a while back, right after the "Master & Servant" challenge. I've been working on and off for the past few months. It took me roughly about 60 hours to finished the painting. I had fun designing her jacket and coming up with those silly titles. The painting and all the texts were created in photoshop 7
Let me know what you guys think, comments are welcome.
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作品时间:12-12-2005, 06:14 PM                                                              
作品名称:Spectacular 2d : The Mother Of The Ocean
作者:   Pierre Droal

As everyone post his spectacular entry, so am I.
The picture is a scene taken from a tale from Greenland. Here's the story : One year, a tribe had nothing to hunt -therefore nothing to eat -. So The chaman of the tribe decide to meet the Mother of the ocean...
The Mother of the ocean is described as a tall woman, with one hand cut, and whose hair is the ocean.
This particular scene, here, is the moment when the chaman catch the frightened goddess, to talk to her.

I've decided to stretch the proportion, to underline the action and make it more smashing.
Hope you'll like it.
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作品时间:12-12-2005, 01:14 PM                                                              
作品名称:Spectacular2d-"dragon Crash"
作者:   Viktor Titov
作品简介:This is my entry for spectacular 2d challenge
It is interesting to hear yours critics and opinions about it.

And thanks to all challengers for their wonderful spectacular works !I hope we meet in next contest
sorry for my English please 8)
On searches of the gone dragon by name "Zigfried", left the king of hamsters "Sigismund fourth"
the leader of the order of iridescent hamster (this the ancient cult of the hamster- fanatics considering itself the true soldiers of light)
After taking with itself the most loyal soldiers: daring Samurai "Hairy ear"
the powerful soldier "BIGtooth", fearless and courageous kamikadze "Hamsterfly" 8) even one large "squirrel the horseman"
they left in the way!
By the rumors reached from the adjacent kingdom, dragon was noted next to the castle
located in the possession of Sigismund's old friend - lord "Gopher"!
At that time the lord Gopher was in the military march, and using this, dragon Zigfried after breaking one of the towers of the castle
reached the wine cellar and randomly trampled the granary....
As you already know, granary for the hamsters is this sacred thing almost the same as statue of the godly iridescent rodent
After this news our courageous heroes began crazy furious
But to capture dragon, it is sufficiently difficult....
therefore after developing artful plan... they got to work
....sequential time after flying in into the already native wine cellar, Zigfried is opened the bottle of "Chateau Tour Verite, Bordeaux "
but instead of the cool and astringent wine, there is something small and furry fell on him, and suddenly engage him directly in the nose,
from the shock and the weekly hangover, dragon jumped out from the tower and even could not fly

further events you can see on the engraving of16 centuries completed by one of the participants, (hamsterfly) he are only one, who had luck not to arrive in hospital....
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作品时间:12-12-2005, 04:00 AM                                                               
作品名称:Spectacular - The Journey
作者:   Michael See Zheng Xun
作品简介:hie people~here's the final image i've made for the spectacular challenge,thanks to all my friends and the participants in the cgcommunity who'v helped me out.greatly appreciated
the story:
Mother Earth was a beautiful place where living being thrived,but that was another page of history since it was depleted of natural resourse and the ability to provide for the living.Where when it almost come to a breaking point that Earth cannot sustain life,humans however have but limited choice ,one of the more sensible choice,to leave Earth and to fine a new habitable planet to live in.However,the space technology was rush and wasnt perfected.Human colonies on these ''habitable'' planets looked far from being a civilised nation.though they were living quite well,they were working hard to make their new planet more Earth-like,much like what we remembered it so long ago.Though Earth has been a 'dead' planet to them,people pay homage to her by offereing the xxx of light and hope to her,as if they are moaning for their broken haven
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作品时间:12-10-2005, 12:23 PM                                                               
作品名称:Image From Personal Project "somnio"
作者:   Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg
作品简介:This is another finished piece for my personal project, which is a combination of art book and novel. I won't disclose any details at this point other than I've been working on it for a few years. Ambition is to have it published some time in the future.

Unfortunately, at this point, it's nothing I can commit to it every day, (wish I had more time) it's just there in the back of my mind, bugging me. Would like to spend more time on it, but as it's a personal thing it has to be done outside work. Think sketch/artbook, less comic book, more in the lines of a novel with images.
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作品时间:12-06-2005, 11:59 AM                                                                 
作品名称:Dragon And Castle
作者:   Richard Jordan
作品简介:I am trying to get away from character designs for a while to broaden my skills. I have atttempted to give an atmospheric depth to the scene and merge photographic elements with painted ones. Please let me know what you tink of this image.

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作品时间:12-05-2005, 01:37 AM                                                                  
作品名称:Lost In The Wind
作者:   Hongjie Cao
作品简介:I am able to pull out the time in the weekend to do this Picture only, about has used month-long time .The initial plan is completing it bit by bit, tests own patience, has made a draft and divided into several parts to draw, it has completed in the last week.
As for what is expression, does not have any words but "lost!"
The original pic's dpi is very big, and here about 1/4.
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作品时间:12-01-2005, 10:56 PM                                                                  
作者:   Daniel Rutter
作品简介:Hi Everyone,

First time posting here. This is a matte painting of a future high rise in which workers live on the lower floors, work on the upper. Based on old Kowloon city in Hong Kong. Rough geometry built in Electric Image, painted over in Photoshop. Comments and crits welcome.
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